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My friend's blue and gold macaws were clipped yesterday, and this was there first day out..

Below are some photos of their wings being clipped.. A friend of mine, who has macaws herself, came to clip them. It turned out to be quite an 'operation'. These blue and gold macaws have very strong chest muscles!

Clipping the wings of a blue and gold macaw

Another photo of the wing clipping operation..

Wingclipping of a blue and gold macaw

At first, Zazu didn't really like the intruders but now he accepts them. He even preens himself, and he also ate from his foodbowl. Those two big blue birds don't seem to make him stressy..

Donny & Cherry are quite friendly. They don't seem to care about the other birds on the gyms. (Flit, Iago & Rocco can be seen on the other gym)

We DO however supervise them, and never leave them alone!

Big blue intruders on the gym! ( Blue and gold macaws )

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