Preventing diseases

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part 2

Donny: Listen all of you!
(Flit & Zazu are paying attention to Donny)

Blue and gold macaw demanding attention from the other parrots on the parrot gym

Zazu falls asleep next to Donny.. (Donny is keeping an eye on Zazu!)

Blue and gold macaw keeping an eye on the leadbeaters cockatoo next to him

Donny's turn to fall asleep. (Flit in the background is looking at Donny)

Now, the blue and gold macaw can fall asleep!

Click here to see a movie of Zazu daring Donny (macaw) with a palmnut! (3.338 KB)
(Look how Zazu is holding the palmnut in front of Donny's beak!)

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part 1

part 2
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