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When does our train arrive?

On the photo below, you can see Zazu travelling by train. He's reading a magazine or something.
Some tourist brochure perhaps?

Sitting on the table, not on the chairs.. (Bad mannered birdy!)

After picking up my clothes, we sat down on a terrace on the Leidseplein.
Zazu was quietly looking around until our bread rolls were served! He wanted to have some too!


Next, we walked a bit through town.
On the photo below you can see Zazu on the Dam (And its doves LOL!), a famous square in Amsterdam.
If you look closely you can see Madame Tussaud in the background..

Hey! Those birds are grey!

Next, you can see Zazu shopping in a cannal full of 'boatshops'..
They sell all kinds of touristic things, from tulip bulbs till windmills & wooden shoes!
Zazu is looking at the wooden windmills. He didn't get any, as he'd break them in a second!

Can I have one mommy??

In the Leidsestraat (a street famous for its stores in Amsterdam) we saw this huge wooden shoe.
I was able to put Zazu in there, for a nice 'touristic' photo.
Zazu gladly poses on the photo below.. :-)

My own wooden shoe!

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part 1

part 2

part 3
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