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The next photo was taken from a nice building we saw from the tour boat.

Just a building..

And another lovely building..

Can we move on to the more interesting things please?

Zazu thought these 'nice' buildings were all quite boring.
On the photo below, he yawns a bit..

Else I'll fall asleep!

This was much more interesting, according to Zazu!
This was just outside the cannals, on the IJ, a river that runs through Amsterdam.

This is more like it!

When we got out of the tour boat, Zazu was captured on camera by this tourist.
Zazu is biting his nail, he looks a bit shy..

No pictures please!

We ate some french fries before catching our train home.. :-)
On the next photo you can see Zazu waiting impatiently for the food, holding a plastic fork.
He didn't get any fries by the way!

Where are my fries?!

On the last photo, you can see Zazu waiting for our train on the Central Station.
In the background you can see a Dutch yellow-blue intercity train & a tgv train: The ICE to Germany.

Waiting for the train..

This adventure ends here.
You can view more adventures by following this link!

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If you are not sure if your bird is considered light built, please ALWAYS use a harnass!
The birds on this website are thoroughly trained  parrots. Some of the activities depicted could put smaller or/and untrained birds in jeopardy.
Also, my parrots are fed a very healthy, organic diet on normal days.
PLEASE only feed your parrot these unhealthy snacks on rare occasions and in VERY small amounts!


part 1

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