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Our horse was called Mira.. When I saw her, I immediately thought she was gorgeous, and the photos don't do justice to her beauty. On the photo below you can see us sitting in the tilt-cart. Zazu also joined us. (I bet you can spot him!)

Hello! Can you spot me? That white and pink spot??

After some time, Zazu was sitting quite comfortably on the bench inside the tilt-cart. I had closed the tilt, in case Zazu would start to flap & fall out of the tilt-cart! I didn't want this trip end up in a drama..

What's that foot doing there??

On the photo below you can see my sister & her friend sitting in the front bench, driving Mira.
When I tried to draw their attention, they both looked at the lense of my camera. And guess what, I drew Zazu's attention as well! (As the photo illustrates) He must have thought that it was also meant for him!

Who are you calling??

On the photo below you can see my sister driving Mira while Zazu keeps an eye on the people sitting in the back of the tilt-cart.. :-)

You stay seated! We're driving!!

We stopped several times to feed Mira a treat. When we told her to stop, and we gave her the reins, she'd walk to the greenest side of the road anyway, LOL!
On the photo below you can see my sister's friend feeding Mira a treat..

Feeding Mira..

After our trip with Mira & the tilt-cart we went to a small town called 's-Heerenberg. We had a nice drink, and Zazu behaved angelic. He must have been pretty tired of his first trip with a tilt-cart.

You go and have your drinks.. I rest here..

There also was some sort of castle in 's-Heerenberg. On the photo below you can see Zazu sitting on the stairs of a building inside of the castle.

What's this ancient building?

That evening, we played a party game. Zazu was too tired to even try to participate. On the photo below you can see him sitting on his T-stand. What you cannot see (because I resized the photo) is that his eyes are half-closed. :-)

Please let me sleeeeep!

The next day, we went shopping in 'Centro', a huge mall in Oberhausen, Germany. It is said to be the largest mall in Europe. We were close to the border with Germany anyway, and it was only around 70 kilometers drive, so it could be done.
Zazu joined us (as he did the whole holiday, LOL!) and we 'packed' him in the car, sitting in his wingabago.

My first international trip.. Ich bin Zazu! LOL!

On the photo below you can see him teasing Eyore, though I told him to keep an eye on my sister's car. He is such a bad boy sometimes, LOL!

Stupid Eyore!

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part one

part two

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