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5-8-2003 part one

5-8-2003 part two

5-8-2003 part three


Zazu tried to gnaw on the branches a little bit more but everytime something had to happen to draw his attention. He doesn't like bikes, for some reason, so when a bike came cycling by, he looked a bit startled, as shown on the photo below..

Just as those bikers had passed him, he continued to destroy the tree he was sitting in. Untill he was disturbed by a horse.. He wasn't startled, but was only intrigued by that large animal. :-)

And when everything calmed down, he was disturbed by a white monster on four legs (Zazu really doesn't like her) running around HIS tree! He was really p*ssed!

When Nenya wouldn't stop running, he let himself slide down a branch, with the intention of running to Nenya and biting her really hard. (As shown on the photo below) Zazu can be really mean to other animals, I never trust him around other animals unsupervised.
I made Zazu step up again and put him back in the tree..

Nenya had decided to lay down for a while, she was quite tired of all those nice and smelly new things in the woods. (She had never been to the woods before, that is, not with me)

I think Nenya spotted something on the picture below..

When I called her, she immediately walked to me, I thought she looked quite funny on the picture below. Her large ears standing erect like a bunny, and with her large feet.. LOL!

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5-8-2003 part one

5-8-2003 part two

5-8-2003 part three
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