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Added: 1-5-2004

Added: 1-5-2004

Samson (8 months old)
Male pacific parrotlet
forpus coelestis

Nikko (30-4-2002)
Timneh African grey parrot
psittacus erithacus Timneh

Added: 24-5-2004


Bertrina (Trina for short 22-12-2002)
female Senegal parrot
poicephalus Senegalus
Chicago IL, USA

Bertrina has her own page.. click here to go there!


Added: 24-5-2004

Ashley, Charlie, Lemon (up), Pistachio & Ava
Congo African grey parrot, Jardine parrot, budgie, Indian ringneck & triton cockatoo
psittacus erithacus, poicephalus gulielmi,
melopsittacus undulatus, psittacula krameri & cacatua galerita triton

These parrots have their own website, click here to go there!


Added: 5-7-2004

Capt. Jack Smith (white female) Starbucks Joey & Capt. John Smith (brothers)
budgies (budgerigars, parakeets)
melopsittacus undulatus
Bloomfield Hills, MI USA


Added: 5-7-2004

cape parrot
poicephalus robustus

Ayodele has his own page.. Click here to go there!


Added: 5-7-2004

Connor (9 years old)
sun conure
aratinga solstitialis


Added: 1-9-2004

Aqua & Sunny
masked lovebird
agapornis personatus
Maine, USA

Aqua & Sunny have their own page.. Click here to go there!


Added: 1-9-2004

budgie (budgerigar, parakeet)
melopsittacus undulatus
Phoenix, AZ USA


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