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Next we visited a pool with a glass 'wall' in front of it. In this way, you could see the duck like birds in it diving.
Lilo (right) enjoyed scaring the duck just with her appearance. However, it came back every time it had been swimming away.

What's in this pool?

Iago wanted to see those ducks diving as well. On the photo below you can see him getting some explanation from his younger brother Zazu.

Ducks are in there, Iago!

On the photo below, Zazu is looking at the monkey's residence. He thought it to be one big play gym, just for him. Too bad, Zazu! It is already occupied!

Bummer! No new play gyms for me?

Next, we went to see the big cats. On the photo below you can see him looking at two lynx.

Big cats, mommy!

Next were two lazy panthers. They had a nice nap..

Such lazy creatures! Wake up fellas!

On the photo below you can see Zazu looking at a red panda. They were lying somewhere untill the caretaker entered their residence and started decorating their place with food. It was then when they became active.

What a funny red animal!

On the next photo you can see Zazu looking at his feet after seeing polar bears from a shorter distance than earlier this day. He must have thought they were pretty big! And also white, just like him.. :-)

Those white creatures are huge!

On the next photo Zazu is preening in front of a pool full of flamengos. He must have felt insecure: Being around such beautiful pink birds made him aware of the fact he has to do something to stay gorgeous.. Preening!

Working on that!

On the photo below, Zazu is just done preening. His older brother Iago also gets a quick view of the flamengos and compares them with his brother.. :-)

Done! Hey Iago! Am I not the most beautiful pink bird?!

Next, we went to have an ice-cream.. Lilo and Zazu decided to raid the ice-cream car. They couldn't figure out how to open the car though!

Zazu! How does this thing open?!

Iago, on the other hand, was much smarter.. He waited untill we got an ice-cream and did a trick to get a bite. Smart bird!
Note that Iago is fed a very healthy diet on normal days. This was just an extraordinary trip and therefore he was given a small bite.

Yum yum!

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